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Unilock Pavers

Unilock has been providing North America with quality pavers for over 35 years. We carry a large inventory in stock and can special order any items that we do not have in stock week. 

Stop by to see our display showing over 5 different types of pavers in the patio. Great for ideas and to see what they actually look like. 

Unique Designs

With Unilocks many design choices you will be able to create a unique outdoor living space that is truly one of a kind design.

Service and Delivery

With our delivery system we can delivery all of the base material and pallets on one truck to the location of your patio, driveway, or walkways. We can assist you in the design and calculate the materials necessary for your dream patio that will last a lifetime.

Unilock Designer Collection Pavers: (for the complete list go to Unilock's website for more info)

Umbriano Courtstone Unigranite
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Unilock Classic Pavers: (for the complete list go to Unilock's website for more info)

Stonehenge Brussels Block  
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Olde Greenwich Hollandstone
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 (all photos courtesy of Unilock)

Also for more information check out the manufactures website at