Rock Fountain Bubblers

Rock fountain bubblers will give you that relaxing sound of water running with out all the maintenance that comes with a pond. Rock fountains make a great water feature and with our kits we take all the guess work out of what you need to install the rock fountain in your favorite part of your yard. The kit also comes with complete instructions of how to install your very own rock fountain in just minutes.

Each rock is drilled and sawn on the bottom for a flat surface for the rock to rest on. Each fountain rock has a unique character to it. Every rock is different and with the water running over it brings out the beautiful color in the fountain rock.

rock fountain

Basalt Fountain Rock

basalt fountain rock

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Rock Fountain Kits

Stones reg. price sale price

rock water fountain

Mexican Beach Pebbles $ 325.00 $ 292.50
Decorative Stone $ 300.00 $ 270.00
No Stones $ 280.00 $ 252.00

 Basalt Fountain Rocks

Stones reg. price sale price


  $ 375.00 $ 337.50
  $ 350.00 $ 315.00
  $ 325.00 $ 292.50

Included in Rock Fountain Kit


  • drilled boulder with hole and sawn bottom  

  • 350 gph pump with 18 power cord, and foam filter

  • pump housing with cover for easy access to pump for maintenance and winter removal

  • 5x5 45mil pond liner

  • 2 of tubing and clamp

  • 5/8 pea gravel

  • 75# bag of Mexican beach pebbles or choice of decorative stone

  • rock fountain installation instructions


Call or Email today to Order! 616-786-2800 or